Dear TV People: There Are Other Female Comedy Writers Besides Whitney Cummings

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Following the glowing critical success of her shows Whitney and 2 Broke Girls, Whitney Cummings is being given yet another show of her own to ruin, this time on E!. Can somebody please tell the people who make TV happen that there are other female comedy writers out there, and maybe one of them should get a turn?

Titled “Love You, Mean It,” this one will be a talk show “guided by Cummings' signature humor” wherein Whitney delivers “a weekly medley of witty commentary featuring Cummings' take on everything from the biggest pop-culture and celebrity happenings, to life, relationships, sex and more.” So basically, she's going to call a lot of female celebrities trashy. Unsurprisingly, it will be co-produced by fellow lady-pop-culture-commentator Chelsea Handler.

It actually sounds like it will be better than Whitney or 2 Broke Girls, as Whitney got her start at roasts and can be pretty funny when making fun of other people. But does one person really need three TV shows? Is that even physically possible? The TV people do know that there are other female writers out there, right? Writers who would love a chance to show what they can do? I will even make up a binder if they like.

That said, there are rumors that Whitney is getting canceled, so maybe she won't have three shows, after all. “This show gives me a chance to get back to my stand-up roots,” she said in a press release. “And I’m really excited to be able to say (almost) whatever I’d like on TV again. So thanks, E!” So maybe it's NBC's fault that her other shows were so bad.

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