Whitney Cummings (Nervously) Reminds Us That She’s Actually Funny On Love You, Mean It

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Whitney Cummings  Nervously  Reminds Us That She s Actually Funny on Love You  Mean It Love you mean it whitney cummings jpg

Omg, Whitney Cummings has a new show and she is like totally taking over the TV world and, like, who gave her a new show anyway? She’s like, totally terrible!

Ok, glad we got that out of the way. Yes, I found Whitney and Two Broke Girls to be disappointing just like the rest of the blogosphere, but really, I don’t understand why everyone loves to hate on Whitney Cummings. Sometimes funny people make really bad TV shows. You know, like Saturday Night Live. So, yes, I found Whitney to be highly mediocre and got sick of the slut jokes. I didn’t even try to watch Two Broke Girls after hearing about how racist and not funny it was.

But I have hope for Whitney Cummings. I liked her on Chelsea Lately, and it was her standup that first got her noticed. So I figured I would give her new show Love You, Mean It a try. Maybe a more standup-y format would do her some good.

And she (sort of) delivered. The show wasn’t bad, and it’s definitely less mediocre than Whitney. Love You, Mean It is a comedy talk show, structured a lot like Chelsea Lately. Whitney had Mindy Kaling as her guest, which was a great move. Mindy Kaling is always a great move. Well played, Whit.

Whitney seemed a little nervous – she was yelling most of the time (girl, you’ve got a mic, chill out), and gesticulating like she was trying to communicate with someone standing miles away. But she cracked some jokes that actually made me laugh. In her opening monologue, I got a little nervous when she started joking about how she never had a mother or father figure. Um, that’s pretty much what Whitney was all about. And that didn’t turn out so well. But things got better from there. She faced all the negative criticism she’s been getting head on, joking that she’s been really busy “writing angry letters to TV critics, and generally aging.” Pretty good, right?

Comedian Julian McCullough plays Whitney’s sidekick, a la Chuy on Chelsea Lately. In fact, the whole show is pretty much just like Chelsea Handler’s except it has way more segments. I can’t decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I think it’s good that she keeps things moving, and doesn’t draw out any jokes for too long. But at the same time, thinking back to what I watched, it all seems like kind of a jumble. She said quite a few things that actually made me laugh – did she really need to have all those graphics shoved in there announcing that this segment is somehow different from the last?

The Mindy Kaling interview was definitely a highlight. No one can talk about acne while being totally charming and beautiful quite the way Mindy Kaling can. So if all of Whitney’s guests are this great, I might watch the show just for that.

Whitney also had a segment where she made fun of celeb Instagram photos. Genius, I tell you! There could be a whole show just based on this concept. And another definite highlight was a Chelsea Lately-like panel, where Whitney and other comedians watched ridiculous TV clips and talked about them. They managed to find hilarious things that I hadn’t seen – like Oprah talking about how long it’s been since she’s been inside a store, and doing some weird opera-style singing when she got to go shopping.

So basically, the show has promise. Whitney seemed a bit spazzy, but I think that’s kind of her style anyway. After a few more episodes, I think it could be pretty great. Once Whitney chills out and settles in a bit. So the verdict? Not a flop, but not quite a hit… yet.