How Did The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Become Such A Clusterf*ck Of Random Celebrities?

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Sometimes amazing collaborations, projects and ideas will emerge from Hollywood/Washington DC events. Other times it's the White House Correspondents' Dinner that's happening this Saturday. While in prior years the annual dinner sounded star-studded, this year it just sounds like the casting call for a Vh1 reality show.

The WHCA dinner, described on the website as a legitimate event to raise scholarship money and honor journalists, certainly treated this schindig like an open Facebook event — and not like an event attended by the President of the United States of America.

It's seriously a dismal group of people attending and we're shocked that these are the people who are invited to this dinner. I know it's not the State of the Union, but let's have some respect for this country and invite people  with merit. And no merit is not a girl in Kim Kardashian's sex tape, so there's no logical reason Fox News invited her. Or Lindsay Lohan.  Or Jessica Alba. Or Dakota Fanning.

And look, I love Dakota Fanning. But taking a few poli-sci classes in college doesn't mean you're some kind of government buff. Nor does getting off probation or having a daughter named Honor.

Politco has the full list of celebrity invitees and if you're in the mood to get frustrated over some of their choices, you can check it out right here. Or if you'd prefer to get angry, you can email Greta Van Susteren and ask her why she chose to invite Lindsay Lohan, out of all the high profile celebrities in the world,  to this event.

I really can't think of a worse choice for a plus one. Besides Michael Lohan of course.