Which Of These Creepy Actors Should Play A Young Hannibal Lecter In Bryan Fuller’s TV Series?

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Remember Bryan Fuller, who brought us the whimsical but sadly short-lived dramedy Pushing Daisies? Fingers crossed he'll be back next TV season: He's writing the script for Hannibal, a new series about the famous Silence of the Lambs cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Though it will take NBC‘s sign-off for the script to become a reality, we think they've got a great chance. After all, who better than a consummate foodie to write about Dr. Lecter's proclivity for human meals?

But who will play the creepy doctor? Over the years, Lecter has been portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, Brian Cox, and several young unknowns. There's been no word on casting yet; it may be that the network decides to keep with an older villain. But what if they didn't? (Or if they need someone for the flashback scenes.) Here's our list of rising stars who can play creepy and charming really well.