Madonna’s ‘Leaked Nude Photos’ Are Actually From Behind The Scenes Of Her 2009 W Magazine Shoot

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Update: That's what I get for making assumptions! Turns out these photos aren't personal pics that someone leaked; the real story is that they're the unretouched pics from Madonna's W magazine cover from 2009. So, still kind of shocking, but not the drama I made it out to be.

This makes us really sad, you guys! Madonna‘s the latest victim of a nude photo leak; earlier this week, Eat Blog and Die posted several personal shots of the singer along with a hefty helping of schadenfreude. But unlike the Scarlett Johanssons and Blake Livelys of the world, Madonna didn't take these pics of herself. And so we feel badly for her, because obviously one of her exes betrayed her trust by leaking these.


They aren't the most scandalous photos, which makes it even more unfortunate. Obviously she didn't take these out of some vanity; someone snapped the shots while she was getting changed to go out. If you want to see Madge's nipples (perv), head over to BuzzFeed.

Sure, Madonna has her moments of bitchiness (hydrangeas, anyone?), but she doesn't need this kind of attention; she gets plenty on her own. The woman who's constantly reinventing herself seems really vulnerable here, in the moments before she goes out to get hounded by the paparazzi.


This is the photo that makes us sure that it was one of Madonna's past lovers who leaked the pics: You can clearly see a male arm zipping Madonna into a skirt or black halter dress. (Probably used his left hand to discreetly snap the photo while she was looking down, am I right?)


It seems that the earliest these photos could be from is 2008, according to this guide on Madonna's hair evolution. But considering how often she changes hairstyles, this could be a look that she brought back sometime in the last three years. With that in mind, we're going through Madonna's past few relationships to see who the culprit is.