Frankie Muniz Is All Grown Up, Now Looks Like Some Dude You Knew From High School

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Frankie Muniz NowWell, well, well, look who the tabloids dragged up this week. It's Frankie Muniz. That kid from Malcom in the Middle. Remember him? For a while he did a lot of stuff. Off the top of my head, I can't name one thing he did. But I do remember him being in a lot of movies for a while.  Perhaps something on Disney? Or maybe Lifetime? Maybe even both. I'll look it up one day. Right before I go to a Bryan Cranston Trivia Night at a bar.

Anyway, 27-year-old Frankie Muniz appeared in Hawaii this week with his fiance Elycia Turnbow. And I'm pleased to say he looks completely normal. Just like some dude you went to high school with back in the '70s. (That's when you went to high school right? I think so. But sometimes I struggle with nailing down our demo.)

When you hear about so many child stars growing up in the spotlight and then proceeding to go absolutely insane, it's nice to see someone grow up into a real, live functioning adult. From what I can tell from his Twitter page, he's now the drummer for a band called Kingsfoil — and he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. While Arizona's currently behaving like the human embodiment of a child star who peaked at 12, Scottsdale is supposedly a normal place to live.

So good job Frankie. I applaud your decision to make good choices.

(Photo: Anthony Goodrich, PacificCoastNews.com)