20 Forgotten Child Stars From Your Fave TV Shows: Where Are They Now?

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Whatever happened to the pesky, bacon-obsessed Beans from Even Stevens? And what became of Will's baby cousin, Little Nicky, from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Are they still acting or have they left the spotlight to pursue normal lives? We've all pondered these questions at least once while watching child actors on our favorite reruns. And of course, nine times out of ten, we'll pull out our phones and Google their names to get a glimpse of how much of they've grown up (and boy, do they grow up). But aside from that, we want to know what they're all up to these days and, most importantly, if they've got any new projects in the works!

So to satisfy our curiosity, we found out exactly what these forgotten child stars have been doing since their days on the most beloved TV shows: