What’s in the Stars for the Spears Family in 2007

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astrology.jpgBritney is set to fall in love with a financially stable man, a manager-like guy. This is according to astrologer, Susan Miller who read their charts and for USMAG.

Miller predicts that Jamie Lynn‘s career will take off next year:

“Her career is going to take off like a rocket next year!” Miller says of the 16-year-old, who announced her pregnancy Dec. 19. “It’ll never be better in her whole life.”

Her Aries sign shows she’s a “good entertainer, a budding star” — but Miller says the Zoey 101 star won't return to Nickelodeon.

“She’s more of a musician,” Miller says. “There’s someone standing right behind her [ready to offer her a contract].”

Miller says Jamie Lynn will finalize a new singing deal early next year, adding, “She’ll try to get something in before the birth of the baby.”

As for that baby, Miller says Jamie Lynn will give birth in April (making her now 5 months pregnant, instead of 3 months as she announced earlier). And she says the star sib will relocate to southern California to work instead of moving back to her hometown of Kentwood.

On Britney Spears:

Good news for the 26-year-old Sagittarius: “She will fall in love around this time next year,” Miller says. “She’s going to be awfully happy.”

Miller says her future mate will “be very financial, practical and stable. He’ll be 7 years older and will know how to handle money — a manager-type,” Miller says. (Sam Lutfi anyone?)

But Spears won't walk down the aisle next year. “Britney has the potential to marry again in her life, but like Halle Berry, she may be a little wary right now,” Miller says.

Miller predicts Spears' “bank account is going to explode with money” in the second half of 2008, the result of either recording a new album or other residuals. Adds Miller, “She’s going to keep belting out hits!”

Lastly, Lynn Spears:

As Britney becomes closer to Jamie Lynn, she’ll also become closer to her mother, a Taurus. But Miller says the two won't fully reconcile until 2009.

“Her sister may be the conduit to bring Britney back into the fold,” Miller says, adding that Jamie Lynn's pregnancy “will create the bridge that brings this family together.”