What’s Going On With The Eva Longoria And Tony Parker Split?

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The latest issue of US Magazine hit stands today touting an exclusive story about Eva Longoria‘s split from husband Tony Parker. Rumors of the separation broke yesterday, but Eva's reps denied the story, saying the allegation was “100% false” and that “Tony did NOT file for divorce from Eva.” Then today the rumors were substantiated when Eva filed for a split herself. E! has the official document, which was submitted this morning in Los Angeles. So what's going on here? Either Eva did actually decide spur of the moment to ditch her husband of three years, or the whole thing is a calculated attempt by Eva's camp to spin the story in a way that makes their client seem like the in-control party.

The US story alleges the split came after Eva discovered that Tony has been exchanging salacious text messages with a female acquaintance. Evidently he's been sending the woman hundreds of SMS missives a month, much to the devastation of Eva who confronted Tony point-blank. According to an US source: “Once the trust was lost, the marriage was over.” Reports also claim Eva was “blindsided” by her husband's action — and it seems the first place she turned was into the arms of her publicists who have kept the story under tight wraps ever since rumors of the separations first took flight.

So what exactly is Eva doing here? It seems she is attempting to control the flow of information and release it on her own terms. But info is info no matter how it comes out, and milking a divorce for publicity isn't the greatest way to appear in control.