Whatever Happened to JTT?

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The initials JTT stand for Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who was the object of affection for '90s-era tweens when he played Tim Allen's hottest son on Home Improvement. There was much to love about JTT: his character Randy was the smart-ass middle child on the family sitcom; he had gleaming white teeth, sandy-brown skin (must be his Portuguese ancestry!) and great hair (even his mushroom haircut was to die). Everyone also had Tiger Beat posters of Jonathan Brandis and Ryder Strong — but JTT was the best. He seemed smart, and fun to hang out with. Plus, he was the voice of Simba in The Lion King. He was Tom Sawyer in Tom and Huck.

So what the hell happened to our favorite charming wiseass? There's been acting gigs here and there (Veronica Mars, 8 Simple Rules) but Jonathan has more or less fallen off the grid. He enrolled in college — first Harvard, then Columbia — under his real name: Jonathan Taylor Weiss. A friend of a friend last spotted JTW on the Columbia campus around this time last year, and believes him to be a Master's student in International Studies (possibly focusing in the field of Human Rights?).

The same friend recently spotted Andrew Keegan buying toiletries at a convenient store in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. (If anyone spots Will Friedle, we'll give away this awesome Shake Weight).

Anyways! Here is the last photograph taken of Jonathan by Getty Images, circa 2000 at the GLAAD Awards with actor Steven Weber:

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