What Would Jess’ Show Have Been Like?

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In the season 3 episode, ‘Here Comes the Son, Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) left Stars Hollow to travel to Venice, California to see his dad Jimmy (Rob Estes). His dad is then living with his girlfriend Sasha (Sherilyn Fenn before she took on the role of Anna Nardini) and her daughter.

This episode of Gilmore Girls was to serve as a “backdoor pilot” for a spin-off show to star Milo Ventimiglia. The show, entitled Windward Circle, was going to be focused on the relationship between Jess and Jimmy. Due to the high costs of filming in Venice Beach, the series never made it to air. ‘Here Comes the Son’ was the pilot episode fro this new series, but instead was merged into Gilmore Girls as a Jess-focused episode.

So, my question here is, what would Windward Circle have been like?

Would that have been the end of Jess’ relationship with Rory (Alexis Bledel), or would she have come to Venice to see Jess? Would the show have had enough spunky characters, or was it too limited to know? So far, we had just Jess, Jimmy, Sasha and the odd little girl. Great actors, but it’s no Stars Hollow. Just think of the life Jess would have lived there – would he have been happy? What would he have done? Would he have finished school?

Here’s a few extra scenes from Windward Circle that never aired:

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