Open Thread: What Would Justin Bieber Have To Do To Lose The Support Of His Fans?

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Guys, I have a legitimate question. What do you seriously think it would take for Justin Bieber‘s fans to stop defending him? This is a concept that fascinates me, and I need input from sources that aren't the inside of my own brain.

I've been off the Belieber Boat for some time now, ever since he started exhibiting the first minor signs of douchiness like being late to his own concerts and irresponsible with his pets. And since that started so long ago, I guess I just figured the majority of people would be on my side now, given that things have now escalated to arrests, racism, destruction of property, and multiple assault charges.

But while many people are frustrated with Bieber's antics (can we even call them antics, now that he's dabbling in the fully illegal?), the majority of his fans are still rabidly devoted, somehow finding a way to defend even his most deplorable actions. And not just in conversation, either — these people will seek you out to yell at you on Twitter or flood the comment section of a post with abuse for anyone attempting to call out Justin on his juvenile behavior.

So what I'm wondering is what it seriously gonna take for this kid to get abandoned by the Beliebers? Would he have to drunkenly hit and kill someone with his car to find his career in jeopardy, or would his fans be able to explain that away? Would he have to be on camera doing, like, needle drugs, or do you think the assumption would be that the footage was tampered with? Personally, I think he'd have to be directly attacking his own fan base to lose their support, but I'm interested in what other people think. Especially from actual Beliebers!

Basically — I NEED ANSWERS. Please help.