What Was Your First Concert?

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Alicia KeysAdorably, Dakota Fanning told MTV News that her first concert-going experience was provided by none other than Alicia Keys, her costar in 2008's The Secret Life of Bees. “I never went to concerts until very recently, and I was doing a movie with Alicia Keys so I went to her concert,” she said.

Alicia confirmed to MTV, “Yes, that's true. She came to my L.A. show for my last tour and it was her first concert. We had just finished a movie, Secret Life of Bees, together … and I was so happy to be her first concert… She's an amazing person, an incredibly talented lady. She's gonna be someone we watch flourish for many years. And I'm glad she will always say her first concert was me.”

Dakota's story got everyone in the Crushable office reminiscing fondly about our own first concerts (children's shows that your parents took you to, like “Sharon, Lois, and Bram Live,” not included). My first concert was Hanson. I was 11. It was an arena full of screaming teenage girls. Looking back, I admire my poor parents for being such troopers.

Crushable's Amanda says her first concert was in sixth grade at the Z100 Jingle Ball, featuring Aerosmith and Chumbawamba.

Elaine, b5media CEO (the big boss!), says “My first concert was Madonna‘s “Material Girl” tour. I wore my pink crop top and matching pants with my jelly bracelets. I was in the 6th grade and somehow managed to get to the front row. I have never missed a Madonna concert since. Perhaps I was spoiled with my first cause nothing ever seems to live up to that night (yes I’m still talking about the concert)!!”

Lilit from TheGloss says “My friend Leah and I went to see The Rembrandts play a free show at the North Carolina State Fair. They were the band who did the Friends theme song. I think they had some other songs, but I don’t remember.”

Jennifer from TheGloss says “My first concert was for Celine Dion. It was right after Titanic had come out and I was 11. In retrospect, this wasn't the coolest concert to have gone to, but it seemed that way at the time. As did the neon blue bindi I was wearing. I made a lot of bad decisions at 11.”

What was your first concert?