Jennifer Lawrence Was Laughing At Ellen Making Fun Of Her, So That’s One Oscars Mystery Solved

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Jennifer Lawrence laughing at Ellen DeGeneres while presenting onstage at 2014 OscarsIt's barely even mid-morning, and already we've solved a pop culture mystery you guys, so go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back.

You know last night when Jennifer Lawrence was onstage to present the Oscar for Best Actor? Well as she was crossing the stage to the microphone, she had a (very public) private moment with someone in the audience, did anyone notice that? Once she got to the mic, instead of going right into her scripted bit, she looked offstage and said “Why are you laughing? What, is this funny? I'm still watching you!” But the camera didn't pan to the audience, so we had no idea what happened to make her respond that way.

Jennifer Lawerence saying 'What's so funny' at 2014 Oscars GIF

Until now. Thanks to an explanation from Matthew McConaughey in the press room — presumably his present self and not his ten-years-in-the-future self, but I could be wrong — we now know exactly what went down. Apparently as J-Law was going to the mic, Ellen DeGeneres was offstage pretending to trip, hoping to get Jenn to threepeat in the category of Falling Down At The Oscars. But the person she was really talking to was Jared Leto, who apparently saw what Ellen was doing and started laughing at her, prompting the onstage scolding from Jennifer. 

Jennifer Lawerence saying 'Why are you laughing' at 2014 Oscars GIF

So there you have it, guys. Now you can sleep a little easier tonight knowing that you aren't left out of an exclusive Hollywood inside joke. Still didn't manage to work your way into that A-list selfie, though, but better luck next time.

(Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment, GIFs: BuzzFeed)