What Made Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s Relationship Stronger

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Gisele Bundchen has opened up and shared with us her experience of newly husband Tom Brady and his knocked up ex-girlfriend. The couple were married last February and what an amazing couple they were. It was all smiles on the outside, but how was Gisele really feeling on the inside? After two months of the Brazilian supermodel and American footballer dating, they found out that Brady's ex-girlfriend, Bridgit Moynahan, was carrying his baby.

I'm sure that would have been a shock for both of them, however I am glad that things were finally clear. Up until now, I thought that one of the reasons Brady made a run for it was because he found out Bridget was pregnant. Now that would have been really low. Deadspin tells us that in Gisele's interview with Vanity Fair,  ‘it was definitely a surprise for both of us' and that this bump start only made their relationship stronger. She thought that their relationship was just too good to be true, and then sure enough they got the ‘wake-up call'.

Gisele obviously had questions, concerns and second guessing. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be in between this, or if Brady and Moynahan should try to make their relationship work with a baby on the way. I think anyone would have had the same thoughts, this is nothing easy to conquer and it doesn't stop once the baby is born. It sounds as if Gisele and Tom were very mature about this and went into it knowing all sides to the puzzle. They found out early on in the game who each other really were, and what they were made out of. No surprises later on in this relationship.

Gisele is happy to be a stepmom but realizes that she will not overstep the boundaries of the mom's relationship with the child. Wow this child is going to have two gorgeous looking mother figures growing up to!

Image: Newscom