Here’s What You Should Know About VidCon, The Internet’s Coolest YouTube Celebrity Party

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what is VidCon Taryn Southern YouTube celebritiesThis weekend (June 28th-30th) in Anaheim, California, your favorite YouTube celebrities will be going offline and rubbing elbows at the supremely cool conference/party VidCon! Seriously, it's like the Oscars plus Magic Mike plus Suri Cruise‘s birthday party. You're gonna be so bummed that you're not there.

But we will be! Vlogger and sketch comedy star Taryn Southern is covering this amazing convention for Crushable, so all weekend you can tweet questions to her @tarynsouthern (make sure to include the hashtag #Crushable). Then stay tuned, because next week we'll be posting exclusive footage from the con. In the meantime, here's everything you'll want to know about VidCon.

1. As the official site says, VidCon is for people who love online video—those who make it and watch it. Guests run the gamut from YouTube celebrities to experts to devoted fans. This best sums it up:

VidCon is both an industry conference and a great big party. We want people to make important business contacts to grow their companies and their careers, but we would prefer that they do it while dancing to a rock song about Dr. Who.

Imagine meeting your idols at thought-provoking panels and sharing a drink with them later!

2. Three years in, VidCon 2012 is being held at the largest venue yet, the Anaheim Convention Center. Seeing as it holds 6,000 people, you know it's going to be an epic time.

3. Anybody who's anybody in the YouTube world will be there. Have you shared 5secondfilms‘ videos with your friends? They're showing up. Felicia Day from The Guild wouldn't miss VidCon! The Epic Meal Time guys will likely be cooking up impossible food, or at least answering your questions about how the hell they eat all that meat. Jenna Marbles, Liam Kyle Sullivan (the “Shoes” guy!), Nick Pitera with his amazingly high-pitched renditions of Disney songs, and so many more will be there.

Taryn Southern VidCon Crushable4. Those panels I mentioned? They have names like “Redefining Celebrity in the Post-TV Era” and “Costume Designing for the Brave New World: How the Internet Changed Costumes.” Speaking of costumes, actually, there's a VidCostume Contest where you can dress up as your favorite internet personas, from Shanaynay to Nyan Cat! Now that's inspired.

5. VidCon's organizers have always done their best to crowdsource ideas, and they want to give credit wherever possible. So this year they've set up a VYou account where speakers ask questions like “What kinds of panels do you want to see?” and “Which two guests should collaborate on a video?” Be sure to make your voice heard here.

VidCon starts tomorrow and runs all weekend. If you want to ask any of your favorite YouTube celebrities questions, tweet them @tarynsouthern with the hashtag #Crushable and she'll try asking them!

Photos: VidCon, Taryn Southern