Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Illuminati, But Were Afraid To Ask

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As a curious human being who's constantly trying to stay on top of the latest news, you're constantly coming across the concept of The Illuminati. And you're not only coming across it, but you're kinda led to believe that they're some kind of global entity that secretly controls things. Everything that happens, happens because of them. EVERYTHING. As someone who prides myself on not only being in the loop, but running the loop, I thought it was time I find out a little bit more about this shady organization that's currently controlling my life. And since you're here too, I'm guessing that you also had the same idea. So let's go through all the basics together and see what we can learn about President Obama's boss.

What is it?

It's supposedly a secret society full of very powerful people. Think presidents, celebrities and wizards.