Five Facts About Killer Karaoke, The Insane Singing Competition Show Premiering On TruTV Tonight

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killer-karaokeAs you may or may not have heard, a show called Killer Karaoke is premiering on cable channel truTV tonight. Hosted by Jackass alum Steve-O, the show purports to “take singing competitions to a new level” by making people sing karaoke under harrowing, Fear Factor-esque conditions. Here's every question you never had about it, answered.

1. Where did this horrible thing come from?

You might think a show this ridiculous came from Japan, but you'd be wrong. It's based on the British television show Sing If You Can, but it promises to be way more hardcore than the original.

2. Who, specifically, is responsible?

It was created by Natalka Znak, CEO of the US wing of British production house Zodiak. Other producing credits of hers include Hell's Kitchen, Celebrity Wife Swap, and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, so you know you can expect this to be a classy affair. It's hosted by Steve-O and Dee Snider does the announcing. Hooray!

3. What are some of the things they subject the contestants to?

One guy has to sing while getting his body waxed; another contestant has to sing while immersed in a freezing cold tank of snakes. You get the idea.

4. Does Steve-O do any dangerous stunts on the show?

Unfortunately, no. Or if he does, it's going to be a surprise.

5. Am I a bad person if I watch it?

That's up to each individual to decide; however, I would like to remind you that all contestants have to give informed consent for what they're doing. If anything, I feel bad for the animals, who, after all, do not get to opt out.

There's an amusing interview with the show's creator up on Gawker today.