Video: Hollywood Stars Make A PSA Demanding A Plan On Gun Control

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In the wake of the horrible Newtown, CT school shooting tragedy, many people have renewed the call for stricter gun control laws to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. Some of those people are famous, and a bunch of said famous people have banded together to make a PSA for Demand A Plan, an outgrowth of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns non-profit coalition.

There's a lot of impressive famous person power here, and everyone does a great job delivering their lines with pathos, especially Beyonce…damn, girl. I have no doubt that the intentions of everyone involved were good. But I can't help but notice a few glaring issues here.

1.) It's incredibly vague. Who are we supposed to ‘demand a plan' of? Could it be our patron saint Obama, who has a long history of being friendly with the gun lobby? Good luck with that.

2.) On the topic of vagueness…what kind of plan should we demand? Should people be allowed to keep hunting rifles (which can also be used to kill people), or should all guns be outlawed, or what?

3.) It's preaching to the choir. Do you know how much the pro-gun people of America love their guns? SO MUCH. Anyone who has ever talked to one of them for even a second knows that are not going to be swayed by a bunch of effete Hollywood celebrities making serious faces into the camera.

I do believe more serious gun control laws are needed in this country; of the 62 mass murders that have occurred in America since 1982, over three quarters of the weapons used were obtained legally. But I also think adequate access to mental healthcare and a less alienated society in general would better get at the root causes. That said, caring some is better than not caring at all. I just wish these people, many of whom fought pretty hard to get Obama re-elected, would think a little harder about what's wrong with this country, and realize that glacial reformist politics are not the most effective way to build a better society.

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