What Happened to Molly and Mesnick?

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As we are almost finished the next season already of The Bachelorette, you tend to look at the past to see what ever happened to the couple before? Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick were an interesting couple because Molly was actually Jason's second choice. He went from proposing to Melissa Rycroft, to dumping her on national television a few weeks later in hopes to get back with Molly. Of course that got Bachelor fans talking of course and a lot of publicity for ABC's Bachelor which is exactly why the producers wanted him to do it on the show. But that's a different story. So whatever happen to them? Was all that hype and distress worth it?

Apparently so. Molly and Jason are still going strong according to PEOPLE. No set date for a wedding as yet but they did say that they absolutely will get married one day. At the moment they are still doing the whole long distance thing and Molly is planning on moving closer to Seattle where Jason and his 4 year old son Ty lives. Molly is getting along great with Ty and when she visits they spend their time playing and talk on the phone when she is away. I felt so bad for Ty during the whole taping of the Bachelor. He must have not know what was going on and to be honest I find it a little cruel that they brought a kid into it as much as the show did. Can you imagine growing up and being like 21 and telling your friends that you were on the Bachelor and that you have the video tapes to prove it? Wait, not video tapes, DVD now a days…

So the happy couple is still together, we will see what happens when Molly makes her move. Melissa has moved on and announced just last Monday that she is engaged as well. I'm happy for her! Everyone else has moved onto the next seasons Bachelorette with Jillian. Tonight are the over night dates – can't wait!