OMG: What Did Lindsay Lohan Do To Her Face?

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I can't remember the last time I saw a photo of Lindsay Lohan and thought to myself, “wow, she looks really beautiful, raidant, drug-free and healthy!” Instead it's more like “gah!” or “eeek” or “why is Dina Lohan photobombing her own daughter?”  Sadly, today is no exception to that rule. Linds attended the AmfAR Gala to kick off New York Fashion Week last night and the photos of her are making me question what exactly she did to her face.

I can't quite my finger on it, but it doesn't look like her. It looks like someone who looks like her. Possibly someone who won some kind of LiLo lookalike radio show in her hometown. But it does not look like the Lindsay we used to see all the time running around town and making a scene.

Is it her (new?) nose with the new bump on the tip?

Or maybe it's the glassy, hollow look in her eyes. The stare that says someone used to live in this head and now it's just filled with visions of illegal powders, Sam Ronson's fedoras and the best way to affix real human hair to your jacket sleeves.

Perhaps it's the hair. That horrible, horrible blonde hair that makes her look like she runs a meth lab in a Lifetime movie.

Whatever it is, it's not good and just convinces me more than ever that the Lindsay Lohan that we met in Parent Trap really is gone forever.