Westboro Baptist Church Picketer Cluelessly Wears Glee T-Shirt To Protest LGBT People

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Of course we wouldn't pass up a chance to poke fun at the Westboro Baptist Church and its hypocrisy. First Margie Phelps tweeted the announcement that they would picket Steve Jobs‘ funeral… from her iPhone. Now, Flickr user calistan caught this photo of a WBC member happily picketing with the usual “America Is Doomed” and “God Hates Fags” signs… while wearing a Glee T-shirt.

The irony, it is so sweet. Glee is the most LGBT-supportive show on TV right now, sometimes turning a blind eye to its own bullying double standards as long as the queer characters are idealized. Ryan Murphy is the last person that WBC wants to give free press.

The protester claims that she didn't recognize the famous TV logo and that her sister just gave her the shirt to put on that morning before they set out. A likely story, since the scariest thing about WBC's crop of young haters is that they're incredibly pop-culture-savvy. With that in mind, it's a lame excuse to say that she didn't know what Glee was.

[Flickr via BuzzFeed]