This Wes Anderson Porn Parody Is So Accurate That You’ll Be Shocked When Bill Murray Doesn’t Show Up

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Wes Anderson Movie Parody Nacho Punch

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if Wes Anderson were to direct a porno and title it The Grand Sausage Pizza? I mean, maybe you haven't before but, now that I've brought it up, you probably can't think of anything else. So I do apologize if you have work to do or family members' birthdays to remember. But you can rest easy, brains of the internet, because online comedy group, Nacho Punch, has already taken care of all of the glorious imagining for you. And it's so spot on, you'll be searching high and low for signs of Bill Murray to make sure that this isn't actually a Wes Anderson film.

By the way, if you've never watched one, you can just turn right back around and go do some of that. But, if you've seen even one, then odds are high that identifying a Wes Anderson movie from a mile away is a cake walk for you because no director's quite as quirktastic as he is. For example, have you ever (and I mean ever) seen a Wes Anderson film that didn't include a hearty set of extreme close-ups, voice-narrated handwritten notes, and whimsical little socks galore? Because I haven't and probably never will. Which is why I'm so tickled that this parody included all of that and more. Plus, any time there's an Owen Wilson impression to be seen, I'm game. Literally, any time. 

With that said, enjoy this hilariously spot-on imagining of the Not Wes Anderson-directed movie, The Grand Sausage Pizza. Then, think about how easily-pornified all of the titles of his movies are and ponder if he was practically asking for this parody to be born. I'm thinking yes.