The We’re The Millers Trailer Is Here, So Get Ready For Stripper Jennifer Aniston

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We're The Millers Poster 2013

Yay movie trailers! I love movie trailers, don't you? I started my morning off the best possible way, by watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt Jersey-flirt with Scarlett Johansson in the Don Jon trailer, and now we get the new trailers for We're the Millers (out August 9), which will hereafter be known simply as The Movie Jennifer Aniston Played A Stripper In. That's right. Before Jennifer Aniston put together that awkward Friends reunion we watched together yesterday, she was starring in this movie. And oh my goodness, she looks very strippery.

To give you a little background, the movie stars Jason Sudeikis as a pot-dealer who owes his supplier, so he puts together a fake family to help him get the next big shipment from Mexico. The fake family includes stripper Jen Aniston, punk Emma Roberts, and an awkward teenager played by Will Poulter. Fake family road trip!

Don't worry, though, it looks like transforming herself into a conservative soccer mom doesn't stop stripper Jen from showing off that bod. If you were all excited looking at the first photo of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, then strap yourself in and get ready for this red band trailer, because Rachel Green is lookin' good. There's brunette stripper Jen, there's platinum blonde stripper Jen, there's stripper Jen in black undies, there's stripper Jen in lacy nude undies, there's stripper Jen with water on her. There's a lot of stripper Jen, okay? Warning, though, this is the RED BAND TRAILER, which means NSFW, for more reasons than just stripper Jen. If you don't want to hear curse words or see butts or tarantula-bitten genitals, DON'T WATCH THIS ONE!

If you're crying over the fact that you can't preview this fine piece of filmmaking in your cubicle, have no fear. There's also a green band version. But be warned that this trailer does include the word “penis.” Just putting that out there in case it affects your decision.

While this movie looks to be a raunchy, irreverent gross-out comedy, I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict how it all ends. After plenty of shenanigans, these misfits go from fake family to real family when they discover the meaning of love. Either that or they all die in some kind of drug-related hit. It's an either/or situation. One thing's for definite, though, and that's stripper Jennifer Aniston. Amen.

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