When You Watch Wendy Williams Sing Hilariously Awful Karaoke, Remember That She Was In A Musical

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Wendy Williams karaoke Today Show July 2014

Wendy Williams went on the Today Show earlier this morning to talk about turning 50 and planning to do stand-up comedy for the first time, even though she admitted doesn't know what she's doing. And stand-up isn't the only thing she's incapable of doing. She's also incapable of singing, something the Today people probably should have checked out before allowing her to do karaoke. Because it's bad, guys. So bad. You're going to be rolling on the floor laughing while also worrying that your ears are damaged.

Apparently it's on Wendy's bucket list to sing karaoke to the song “The Boss” by Diana Ross. I thought bucket list items were supposed to be things like “skydiving” or “backpacking across Europe” or “finding out what Ryan Gosling smells like,” not singing a song you like. Regardless, Savannah Guthrie was pleased to announce that the show would help Wendy make her dreams come true on national, live television. A decision I'm guessing they immediately regretted.

When I say Wendy Williams is a bad singer (starting at 3:30 in the below video), I mean she might be the worst singer I've ever heard in my life, and I'm not exaggerating. She sounds like what people in movies sound like when they're pretending to be bad singers. It's so bad that Savannah, probably fearing for the health of her unborn baby, rushes to a commercial almost immediately. But Wendy keeps singing anyway, and it doesn't get any better.

I want you all to remember that this is a woman who starred on Broadway in a production of Chicago. A musical. With songs. But if the below video of her performance is any indication, she pretty much just talked her way through it. Which is good news for the audience, but bad news for all the actual singers who would have probably appreciated a job.