Myrtle Manor: ‘You Mess With One, You Mess With The Whole Damn Trailer Park’

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Myrtle Manor Season 1 Episode 8 Amanda 2013

This week on TLC's Welcome to Myrtle Manor (Season 1, Episode 8, “Bogged Down in Love”), we finally got to witness Amanda delivering the line that has become something of a tagline for the show: “You mess with one, you mess with the whole damn trailer park.” This episode really was about the trailer park residents coming together to fight injustice and, as Marvin suggests, breast cancer and homelessness. I guess they'll get around to those next week.

We start this week's episode with Becky's daughter Alyson running the park. She decides not to hold a town hall meeting because nothing ever gets accomplished, but she forgets to inform everyone that the meeting has been canceled, so everyone shows up while she wanders around the trailer park complaining about things. When the residents realize she has ordered a mandatory cleanup day to fix up the park, that's the last straw. They must rise up against their leader and have a revolution! But more on that later.

Meanwhile, Marvin loves Anne, and he doesn't care who knows it. He's so enamored of her, in fact, that he creates a custom fragrance for her. Hopefully he disposed of those urine samples he took last week and didn't get them confused with the scents. I'm sorry I had to bring that up, but it was plaguing me all night, so I had to share. Marvin chooses to mix lavender with grape, and Anne ends up describing the scent as “bubblegum.” She might need Google Nose to properly identify it.

Another love connection is happening between Chelsey and Jared, but Chelsey would like Jared to get “a man's job.” She discusses this with her girlfriends Amanda, Jessica and Jeana with a J after shooting torso-less mannequins in the woods. As you do. Chelsey isn't as picky about what job Jared gets as she is about him being as passionate about it as she is about her wiener business.

Amanda takes it upon herself to let Jared know what Chelsey expects of him, and that leads Jared on a noble quest to find a respectable job. As Anne advises him, he probably shouldn't wear a T-shirt that reads, “I rented this hooker.” Good call, Anne. Jared's search leads him to the obvious place: a male strip club. Disregard the fact that Jared got mad at Chelsey for booty-dancing for a crowd a couple weeks ago. Stripping is the “most responsible thing” he can do. And Chelsey is totally cool with it. After serving him a meal cooked over an old oil drum, she praises him for thinking about their future. Okay…

Jared's stripping debut almost doesn't happen because he's so nervous, but Chelsey gives him a pep talk, and after banging his head on a table to pump himself up, Jared goes out and does… something. I don't know what it was exactly, but there were a lot of almost-somersaults happening and then suddenly he was wearing silver shorts and sneakers. The rest is all a blur.

Back at Myrtle Manor, Roy and Gina suggest holding a “chicken bog” competition. I was worried that “chicken bog” was what happened when the trailer park chicken went swimming in the pool, but turns out it's a chicken and rice dish. Taylor invites his friend Kyle to participate. Kyle is a bad seed who bothers Amanda and sets off firecrackers. Becky is not having it, and neither is anyone else. The trailer park unites to drive Kyle out of the park in his pickup truck. Do you hear the people sing?

That's not the only instance of the residents uniting to stand up for themselves. A full-fledged protest occurs to drive Alyson out, because, as Jared says, she's a “tyrant.” There are picket signs and a catchphrase: “Bring Becky back.” Could have used a rhyme, but it'll do. Alyson threatens eviction, but the residents are victorious in the end when Cecil shows up and gives Becky her job back. Hoorah! Rejoice! But wait… what's that about selling the trailer park? Next week should be interesting.