19 of the Weirdest Reality TV Shows That Never Took Off

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It seems like every other day, television networks are debuting their newest ideas for reality shows that they hope will take the world by storm. We’d be lying if we said we aren’t here for it — sometimes. We won’t deny that we’re trash for shows like The Bachelor and Shark Tank. We definitely watched all of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and we aren’t ashamed to admit it.

Not every reality show can be a hit, though. Some of them are just weird, uncomfortable or outright problematic. Moms picking women to marry their sons? Putting kids in the middle of nowhere to build a self-sufficient community? The Bachelorette, except every contestant is wearing a mask? We really don’t know what these networks were thinking when they debuted some of these shows, but we can’t say we’re surprised that they flopped.