Let’s Speculate On Who Will Take Over ‘Weekend Update’ On SNL

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Seth Meyers anchoring Weekend Update on SNLNow that Seth Meyers is officially taking over for Jimmy Fallon on Late Night, I think the question on everybody's mind is — “why don't I have a boyfriend?” Or wait, maybe that's just the question on tween girls' minds, and the question on everybody else‘s mind is, “Who will replace Seth on ‘Weekend Update'?” (Sorry about the confusion, there. Just because of the job, sometimes I accidentally get my wires crossed with tween girls' brain waves and I hear all their thoughts instead of my own. APOLOGIES.)

But anyway. Originally I think Bill Hader would've been the obvious choice, as was astutely pointed out by one of our commenters, but since he's also recently announced he's leaving the show, we're kind of left high and dry. After all, in case you've forgotten, Seth has anchored Weekend Update for seven seasons, longer than any other anchor, with 132 episodes. He may return for the first half of SNL‘s 39th season in the fall, but ultimately, the show is gonna need to find somebody else. So who do we think they're gonna choose? I plucked out the five best candidates, in my opinion, and gave the pros and cons of each. Let me know what you think.

Bobby Moynihan. He's likable, he's dependable, he's been on the show since 2008, and his character ‘Drunk Uncle' has given him experience holding it together behind the desk. I could for sure see this happening. He's probably the best suited for the job in the friendliness category, although I've never seen him be cutting and direct the way previous anchors like Seth, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler were.

Fred Armisen is actually my best guess, the person I'm putting my money on. He hasn't officially agreed one way or the other to coming back for the next season, but he's been with the show for eleven seasons, so he definitely has the epxerience. Plus, moving to the Weekend Update desk would most likely free him up for his other projects like Portlandia, and he's not used that much in sketches anymore except for little bit parts.

I don't solidly stand behind this speculation, but Vanessa Bayer wouldn't be a bad choice by any means. My only reservation is that she's still pretty new to the show, only joining the cast in 2010, but if they did choose her, the other women are definitely strong enough to pick up any slack of moving her away from full-time sketches.

Another person I didn't initially consider, but who I could see doing a good job is Kenan Thompson. He's been with the show for ten seasons, surprisingly enough, so he's one of the most long term cast members. My only reservation is that he's one of the only people of color on the show, and god knows that if you take your eye off those writers for one minute, they've already thrown someone in blackface.

I have the same nervousness about Nasim Pedrad, because they end up doing that same thing with her that they did with Maya Rudolph where they make her play every race because she looks mildly indeterminate. She'd do a great job with the hard-hitting part, but she's also only been with the show since 2009, one year longer than Vanessa Bayer.

Bottom line, if he sticks around, I'm putting my money on Fred Armisen, I think. But I honestly have no idea, so let's just wait to see who they announce and then pretend that's what I said from the beginning, deal? Deal.

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