Weeds S7E8 Recap: Worlds Collide

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This week's episode of Weeds brought a lot of plot lines together into one huge, incredibly dangerous tangle. As far as Nancy's situations go, it's not “Mexican drug boss wants to kill me” bad, but it is, nonetheless, quite bad. How did she get back into trouble so quickly? Let's take a look.

Silas and Andy

Uncle and nephew continue to bicker over just how much TLC it's wise to devote to Andy's beloved front business, with Silas rightly thinking that it could be a problem down the line if Andy's “silly wheel” (OH NO HE DIDN'T) gets too much attention. Then again, if there's anything Gus from Breaking Bad has taught us, it's that it's best to hide in plain sight, preferably with the help of a goofy mascot (which, in this case, would be Andy).

Speaking of discretion, the rival drug dealer has already found out about Silas' business and come to deliver a “friendly cease and desist.” And who's that crazy-eyed girl with him? Aah, it's Georgina Sparks! Run Silas, run!


Shane starts to realize being a crooked cop might not be all it's cracked up to be when he finds out his new mentor is an alcoholic with an estranged son, as all crooked cops are. How long until this ill-advised friendship starts causing problems at home?


Damn girl, you are not on top of your game at all these days. Did all that time you spent sitting on your ass in prison drinking contraband iced coffees while Zoya ate you out make you lazy? Because it sure would seem that way.

Nancy has always flirted with BDSM, but one generally gets the sense she's in control. (Even the rapey scene with Esteban seemed to turn her on.) This episode starts with a sex act that's almost definitely non-consensual (with a knife-wielding Zoya), followed by consensual sex with her brother, one room away. Ew. I don't want to sound like I'm victim-blaming here, but it might be wise in the future for Nancy to refrain from shamelessly using crazy people who've already committed murder, because they will get out of jail and make her be their girlfriend.

In an effort to help the SEC bring down the firm, Nancy agrees to wear a wire while out on a date with CEO Clive, whom we get the sense she kind of likes in addition to wanting to use (win win). And why shouldn't she? They're not so different, him and her.  The amoral glee with which Nancy and Clive devour the endangered species croquettes is matched only by the ruthlessness with which they live their lives.

Unfortunately, Nancy is unable to part ways with Clive and remove the wire before returning home to a very talkative group of business associates, which means both Clive and the SEC agents are now privy to Nancy's burgeoning drug business, among other things they probably don't want to know. The episode's prize screenshot (err, I mean still) comes when Zoya enters, pinwheel eyes a-spinnin', and smooches Nancy like she's still her prison bitch. For reasons that include “that's my sister” and “that's my mom,” not one of the dudes present wants to see this:

I'm guessing Nancy will now have no choice but to use her magical vagina to coax Clive into an ever deeper relationship until she knows enough to betray him. I don't think the SEC will settle for anything less, at this point. Just try not to get pregnant this time, okay? (This should be easy, as Nancy is over 40, but her womb is magical as well.)

Amazing Quote Of The Week

Halfway house lady: You're a lifer. You will always work a system. I don't know why. I don't know what happened to you or who made you this way, but I hope you understand someday everything you lost by living the way you do. I'm very…disappointed I couldn't help you.

Nancy (looking all IDGAF like a schoolgirl who's just been scolded): Yeah, I don't need your help or your judgment. I'm fine with what I've done and I'm not pretending to be anybody else. I know who I am. I'm gonna go clear out my stuff.

Do you hear that, halfway house lady? Nancy Botwin was just born to be bad.