Let’s Rewatch ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ Because We Can

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Wow, I just went through quite the roller coaster of emotions watching the 2013 Oscars opening number. At first I loved it. Then I liked it. Then sock puppets!? Channing Tatum?! Is this still going? I need to be in bed by midnight so wrap it up. But ohhh, I do love Sally Field. She's so cute. And a Boniva reference, what a treat at the Academy Awards!

I ended it feeling confused. Did I like this opening? I think so. I'm American so my parents raised me to appreciate sock puppets doing drugs. I certainly felt impressed by Seth MacFarlane. Who knew he could sing and dance. He's like some kind of Smash extra just bopping around the Oscars stage. Also, I'm weirdly attracted to him right now. Should I have sex with him? Sure, why not.

Rather than making my mind up right now about whether I liked the opening, I'm just going to rewatch “We Saw Your Boobs” over and over again until I memorize all the lyrics. I think it could be the next “Call Me Maybe.” And by that I mean, you're going to be sick of it by the morning..