We Guessed Who Plays Taylor Lautner’s Dad In Abduction!

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It seems like Abduction is trying to make a big mystery out of who plays Martin Price, Nathan's (Taylor Lautner) biological father who's also a super spy. During his phone call with Nathan, we see only his nose and mouth, and briefly his face from a distance.

But that's where the filmmakers made a big mistake (or embedded the means to figure out this Easter egg): They chose an actor with an extremely distinctive scar on his upper lip. I'm talking, of course, about Dermot Mulroney.

Dermot's one of those actors where you know him or you don't. If you subscribe to amazing wedding chick flicks, then you'll immediately recognize him from My Best Friend's Wedding (as the best friend) and The Wedding Date (as a gigolo). If action movies are more your standard fare, then you might've left the theater unable to place him.

Usually in a role like this, the actor at least gets an “uncredited” credit on IMDb, but Dermot's profile doesn't even have that. Our theory is that Lionsgate is gunning for this to be a franchise — the ending really sets it up as one — and are planning to reveal Martin's actual face later in the series. But in that case, they should've chosen a more anonymous-looking guy.

Interestingly, as recently as early August, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Dermot was in Abduction, but as “a villain to Taylor Lautner's hero.” Could this have been misdirection on the studio's part?

So far, Picktainment and a random Yahoo! Answers thread are the only ones to have picked up on Martin's identity. We feel like black ops agents… just like his character!