We Don’t Know How Mad Men Will End Tonight, But We Do Know How The Entire Series WON’T End

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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 7 Don Draper 2013

Mad Men is a great television show for many reasons, but my favorite one is that it makes you think.  Plain and simple.  Sometimes a little too much, especially if it has turned you into a conspiracy theorist, but I love reading everyone's theories just the same.  Each show provides a vignette into the lives of a group of people during specific moments in history, however remarkable or routine they may be.  It's kind of genius, actually.  Anyway, one popular notion of how the series will end after season 7 next year is that Don will end up falling out of a skyscraper window as a literal interpretation of the intro.  Not very creative of an idea, I suppose, but it's not a bad one.  Either way, notoriously mysterious Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner assures us that Don will most likely not end up splattered on the pavement of Madison Avenue:

“People think it would be just an amazing rhyme to have that in the opening every week — and then in the last episode have it happen.  It never even occurred to me. I'll be honest with you. Never occurred to me. That jump out the window was always meant to be symbolic and internal. I never meant it literally. I think it's fascinating, though — I think people think it would be cool. But it hasn't been an option. And now that we've had this conversation, I really can't do it.”

Now that we can definitely write that one off, I'm sure minds all over the blogosphere will be ablaze with new theories.  As for this season, we can obviously kill the “Megan will die like Sharon Tate” theory (pun lamely intended).  We also have an answer to the two questions that have been plaguing us from the very beginning, one being: Will Betty and Sally ever share McDonald's french fries and a cigarette? And we also now know how Harry would prefer to pay for hookers.

What are your theories for tonight's season finale?  I'm kind of hoping for a Megan vs. Don showdown, because watching her be pathetically naive this season has been a real drag.  I never expected Peggy's love life to suddenly become more interesting than Don's, that's for sure.  The pearl-clutching question of Bob Benson's real intentions has been kind of a snoozefest for me, too.  Can we bring back LSD Roger please?

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