We Could Get Behind Lady Gaga and Beyonce As Pop Culture Power Rangers

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It's shocking how many times the Power Rangers have changed forms since we watched the original show in 1993. They've been ninjas, samurai, time travelers, and possibly dinosaurs? (They're almost as bad as the Disney princesses!) But we kinda like this new reimagining of them as pop princesses with hair that conveniently matches the colors of the originals' uniforms.

That's Katy Perry as the Blue Ranger/intellectual, Nicki Minaj as the Pink Ranger/sexpot, Rihanna as the Red Ranger/leader, Beyonce as the Black Ranger/action star, and Lady Gaga as the Yellow Ranger/tough one.

One suggestion, however: We'd like to nominate Pink as the new White Ranger. (We tried to find a suitable Green Ranger, but the only celebrity with green hair we could find was Avril Lavigne, and that's just preposterous.)

[Meme-Meme via BuzzFeed]