Video: Holland’s Little Monsters Generously Offered Lady Gaga A Spliff When She Performed In Amsterdam

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Today seems to be Celebrities With Weed Day! In addition to the “shocking” news that Snoop Dogg lights up with his teenage son, this video surfaced of Lady Gaga puffing on a (totally legal) joint during her recent concert in Amsterdam. It's one of many gifts Gaga accepts from her Dutch Little Monsters, including a “Mary Jane” T-shirt and a drawing of her on a pot leaf. But when she went to pull out a regular ol' cigarette, a fan eagerly offered her up a shrink-wrapped spliff. (Classy, Amsterdam.)

“Is it real?” Gaga asks the group before lighting up and then clearly confirming: “Fuckin' A.” It's kind of fascinating to watch: Since pot is legal in Holland, there are no repercussions, yet everyone including Gaga still giggles at her brazenness. Or maybe she giggles because, despite what she says, the drug has an effect on her. And for those of you who are wondering if I'm high right now, I am not,” she says. “That is not nearly enough to get me high.” According to The Sun, Gaga went on to joke that she's gonna ask Barack Obama to consider decriminalizing pot in the States. But I think the best thing that she said was that the marijuana leaf symbol is the “new peace sign.”

Really, though, this is a sweet story. We already knew that Gaga's Little Monsters are more dedicated and tightknit than most performers' fanbases, but this little olive branch of sorts cemented that. Who knew there'd be two stories about marijuana that were more heartwarming than anything else we'd write today?