Watch: These Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers Will Make Your Day

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If you know me at all, you know that bloopers of any kind are my absolute most favorite thing in the entire world. And one of the best kinds of bloopers are newscaster bloopers. This is a scientific fact, based on the fact that these shows are live, so you get to watch the person realize their mistake and try to cover for it ON THE AIR. How can you not love that? That's the best thing I've ever heard. And also you can accidentally learn about the news sometimes when you're watching them.

So. This might be too soon, but there's a supercut out of Hurricane Sandy news bloopers, and I kind of really want you guys to watch it. I get that we're all still cleaning up and recovering and some people stilllll don't have electricity or running water, but what better time than now to laugh at people falling down or Gangnam Style-ing behind the newscaster. It's also an excellent opportunity to note that we as humans are crazy stupid. I get that most people are invincible and all, but it's never a good idea to go trallumphing (it's a word, deal with it) through Atlantic City shirtless during gale force winds when there's already standing water on the streets.

Also yes, we need the news, but reporters are not superheroes. If you yourself are recommending that we stay inside, maybe don't do so on the beach with your back to the water. That just seems like a recipe for disaster, and if you watch the video you'll find out that that disaster recipe made some really dangerous (yet hilarious) disaster cookies. Double the recipe if you're having people over.

So watch the above video if you dare, just bear in mind that the internet will suck you into itself and you'll have to spend the rest of the day watching news blooper videos because they're the best thing ever. Look up ‘gay Mt. Everest' or ‘QVC horse butterfly' and just try to tell¬† me I'm wrong.