Video: Anna Kendrick Continues To Be Adorable, Sings ‘For Good’ With Kristin Chenoweth

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watch video Anna Kendrick sings "For Good" with Kristin Chenoweth at The Trevor Project LiveWe just can't get enough of Anna Kendrick singing. But since it's a long time before her next musical project The Last Five Years, we were psyched to find out that she lent her voice to last night's The Trevor Project live benefit. And actually, Anna wasn't the most important person onstage! She sang a duet with none other than Kristin Chenoweth, so of course they had to do “For Good,” the signature song from Wicked.

Some attendees took this video, and their reactions when they start to realize that Anna is coming onstage (“No way… no way….”) are just adorable. It gets even better when Anna steps onstage — looking gorgeous, natch — and does her usual wisecrack: “Keep your expectations nice and low, OK?”

“We were saying today that it was nice to sing together,” Kristin says, “because it felt like we were normal-sized,” prompting an “awww” from the audience. They really do make a good pair, both pint-sized and unapologetically snarky about themselves. As you can see from the above photo on Anna's Instagram, the experience was moving for both of them.

Not surprisingly, Kristin sings the Glinda part and Anna picks up Elphaba's lyrics (originated by Idina Menzel in the Broadway show). I'm awful at describing people's voices in technical terms, but I love the almost warble to Anna's singing. If you want another view or if YouTube takes this one down, check out this video. What a treat, right? Let's see Anna do more duets in the coming weeks with Broadway singers and pop stars alike!

Photo: Instagram

video via helenaoftroy (Tumblr)