Watch: Anna Kendrick Singing As A Little Girl, Way Before Pitch Perfect

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Adorbz alert! This video may not be safe for work, as it's way too cute to be allowed. Except it's Sunday, so you're not at work, so have at it. BuzzFeed found footage of wee little Anna Kendrick, current adult awesome person and star of the recently-released and equally awesome Pitch Perfect. The video features Anna in a stage performance of the song, ‘Life Upon The Wicked Stage'. And no, that doesn't mean she starred in Wicked Cabaret, so she's surrounded by old-timey harlots with painted faces and hairy armpits.Yum yum.

Anna herself has cute little curly pigtails, a pink dress…and a pretty bad-ass voice. Obviously we all saw the movie and were super impressed, but it's even more jealousy-inducing when it comes out of a little kid. I guess this disproves my controversial theory that talented adults were never talented kids — they just became talented Or maybe she still had it on for Twilight and I just happened not to enjoy any of those movies. Or…maybe that doesn't make any sense. Whatever, I said it was a theory, okay? And we disproved it anyway, so shut up. Jeez, you're so judgmental.

Anyway, watch the clip, enjoy it, be amazed by cuteness. Also in case you understand Japanese but not English, never fear! You can still watch it, because it has handy Japanese subtitles throughout the whole thing, so you'll be able to grasp all the subtle innuendo. (However I would point out that you've already read this whole post in English, so perhaps you understand more than you think. Just saying.)