Watch Tupac Return From The Dead To Perform At Coachella, Ouija Board Not Required

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Coachella has basically turned into the Oscars for celebrities who want their fans to think they're cool, hip and high. And nothing's cooler, hipper or more tramautic to people who are high than Tupac‘s epic return from the dead to perform in hologram form at Coachella. Last night he joined Snoop Dogg on stage to perform “Come With Me,” “Hail Mary” and “Gangsta Party.”

Naturally the crowd went absolutely insane.  Yes, even more insane than Vanessa Hudgens when she goes  through her closet and picks out the trendiest-bohemian-thrift-store-style outfits to wear at the music festival. But insanity is expected when a dead rapper shows up in hologram form to rap alongside still-alive human beings wearning nothing but jeans and a six-pack.

Yep, a six-pack. Looks like the gyms in the afterlife are open 24/7 because Tupac looked fabulous. I think even Cosmo would say his tummy's toned and ready for the summer bikini season. The jeans are a little iffy, but I can forgive him because I don't know if style's a top priority for him right now.

Now that Tupac's back, we can start preparing for the next big celebrity hologram cameo. I'm sure Lollapalooza's already googling famous dead people trying to decide the best dead guy to bring back next.