Watch The OC Season 3 On The WB

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If you are an OC and Mischa Barton fan, you might want to know that the WB.com currently has Season 3 episodes of The OC available online.

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These episodes will be available until Monday, Nov. 16, when Season 3 episodes will be removed for Season 4.

Here is a list of episodes in Season 3 along with a short description:

  • 3.1 “The Aftermath” — Ryan and Marissa deal with the aftermath of Trey’s shooting. Kirsten meets Charlotte at rehab.
  • 3.2 “The Shape of Things to Come” — Sandy frets over Kirsten’s attachment to her rehab friend. Marissa gets bad news from the new dean.
  • 3.3 “The End of Innocence” – Ryan and Marissa enjoy a night to remember.
  • 3.4 “The Last Waltz” – Marissa adjusts to a new school, and Seth’s feud with Dean Hess gets Summer in trouble.
  • 3.5 “The Perfect Storm” – Ryan makes a life-changing decision with Sandy’s support, and Dean Hess tries to ruin Ryan’s future.
  • 3.6 “The Swells” – Taylor ruins Seth’s night by keeping Summer away. Marissa’s new friendships at public school worry Summer.
  • 3.7 “The Anger Management” — Sandy frets over Kirsten’s attachment to her rehab friend. Marissa gets bad news from the new dean.
  • 3.8 – “The Game Plan” – As seniors at Harbor and Newport prepare their college applications, the friends decide what to do about their futures.
  • 3.9 – “The Disconnect” – Ryan works an internship for Sandy, and Summer and Seth try to impress Brown University.
  • 3.10 – “The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah” – Kirsten tries to make amends with Julie, and Seth invents another holiday.
  • 3.11 “The Safe Harbor” – The friends try to get Marissa back into their school. Sandy makes a decision that could change Marissa’s fate.
  • 3.12 “The Sister Act” – Marissa’s sister, Kaitlin, returns home with attitude and a few secrets.
  • 3.13 “The Pot Stirrer” – Kaitlin stirs up trouble for the gang as she prepares to celebrate her birthday.
  • 3.14 “The Cliffhanger” – Summer discovers the truth about Seth; Kirsten and Julie take their matchmaking business too far.
  • 3.15 “The Heavy Lifting” – Tragedy strikes the friends. Johnny’s cousin arrives. Ryan questions his and Marissa’s relationship.
  • 3.16 “The Road Warrior” – Sadie and Ryan go on a road trip to find one of Johnny’s relatives and Ryan returns to his old ways.
  • 3.17 “The Journey” – Ryan struggles to decide whom to invite to his birthday party. Julie and Dr. Roberts come clean with Summer and Marissa.
  • 3.18 – “The Undertow” – Ryan’s nemesis returns to Newport. Taylor tries to solve Seth and Summer’s problem.
  • 3.19 – “The Secrets and Lies” – Ryan tries to move on with Sadie, but Seth’s concern for Marissa gets in the way.
  • 3.20 – “The Day After Tomorrow” – The kids receive their college acceptance and rejection letters, forcing them to make decisions.
  • 3.21 – “The Dawn Patrol” – Ryan visits his mom. Taylor and Summer wonder why Seth is keeping secrets.
  • 3.22 – “The College Try” – The friends go to their college orientations. Seth sees Anna at Brown, and they instantly connect.
  • 3.23 “The Party Favor” — The senior prom brings out the best and the worst in everyone.
  • 3.24 “The Man of the Year” – Ryan makes a deal with Volchok, and Marissa visits Kaitlin at boarding school.
  • 3.25 “The Graduates” – The end of senior year brings the excitement of graduation and the anticipation of new lives in college and beyond.

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