The Hangover 3 Trailer Is Here, So This Trilogy Is Finally Almost Over

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Bradley Cooper Zach Galifinakis and Ed Helms in a still from The Hangover 3The trailer for The Hangover 3 was released today, and I never thought I'd be so excited to watch something so closely connected to garbage. I rushed gleefully to YouTube and watched the whole thing, even almost laughing at some of the jokes. Why was I enjoying it so much, you ask? Because the arrival of this teaser trailer means we're that much closer to this goddamn trilogy being over. And it's almost like the producers know that. Early on in the trailer, the words “THIS SUMMER IT ALL ENDS” flash up on the screen, and they may as well have written, “Sorry, this is the last one, and we'll try not to make it quite as much like a Mad Lib as the last one was.”

Like most people, I liked the first Hangover movie. It was sort of the first of its kind, aside from the obviously ground-breaking work of staggering genius Dude Where's My Car?, which remains the gold standard in its field of “movies I should've known better than to watch just by reading their titles”. But anyway, it was a well-written, well-cast movie with the perfect amount of unbelievable capers and celebrity cameos. So naturally, we can do the identical thing two more times. But this one is the last one. This is definitely it. And this time they're going back to Vegas, so I can't WAIT to see what inventive way Zach Galifinakis has of getting roofies into Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms‘ bloodstreams. I'm guessing it'll either be via eyeball injections or just your standard butt-chugging, but either way I won't have to sit through any more iterations after this one…until the new generation of exactly the same thing gets here. Viva la 21 And Over.