Watch Rupert Grint’s Pilot Super Clyde, Then Explain To Me How It Wasn’t Picked Up

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Watch Rupert Grint s Pilot Super Clyde  Then Explain To Me How It Wasn t Picked Up Super Clyde Rupert Grint gif

In case you haven’t noticed, this new TV season has been pretty disappointing, particularly in the comedy department. There have been some successes, like Trophy Wife and The Michael J. Fox Show, but overall things are either lukewarm or completely unwatchable. Perhaps the most criminal thing is that there’s nary an original concept in the bunch. So what a delight it was to watch the pilot for Super Clyde, a quirky, heartwarming show starring Rupert Grint. It’s one of the best pilots I’ve seen this season. Too bad it didn’t get picked up.

The show was created by Greg Garcia, who also created the new Will Arnett show The Millers. Both pilots were shot for CBS, but the network ultimately chose to go the derivative multi-camera route and passed on the refreshing single-camera show. What else do you expect coming from a network that has kept Two and a Half Men on the air this long? Garcia requested that CBS put the Clyde pilot online (watch it here), explaining, in part, “Please forgive me for the shameless self-promotion but a lot of people worked really hard on the pilot and I think it deserves to be seen.”

It does deserve to be seen, and it also deserves to be picked up. The show is about a young fast food worker named Cyde (Rupert Grint, doing an American accent that makes me oddly attracted to him) who inherits millions of dollars from his eccentric uncle and decides to become a modern-day superhero. There were parts of the pilot I wasn’t in love with, like the fat jokes related to Clyde’s sister and his brother’s obnoxious personality, but overall I really enjoyed it, and it certainly would have added some originality to the current disheartening TV landscape. The style is very colorful and slightly fantastic. Some parts reminded me of Roald Dahl, while others were reminiscent of shows like Pushing Daisies (RIP). The comic book insertions were fun, and Stephen Fry was predictably fantastic as Clyde’s wise butler.

I’ve also noticed that the overwhelming response to the pilot in comment sections is positive. People want to see more of this show and wonder why in the world it didn’t get picked up. If you like quirky stories and/or Rupert Grint, I definitely recommend it. Maybe if people put enough support behind it, it’ll find a more appreciative home.

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