Watch Singer Jihae’s New Music Video Starring A Sad Paz De La Huerta

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JIHAE – The Model from Jihae on Vimeo.

Jihae is a model-turned-singer whose video for “The Model” features our favorite petulant woman-child Paz de la Huerta as the titular character. The tune's a cover of a Kraftwork song, which means it's moody enough for Paz to walk around doing her signature pouty thing.

I'd never heard of Jihae before this, but her super deep voice is pretty cool. Plus, she's got a pretty storied upbringing: she's South Korean, grew up in Nigeria and Sweden, then moved to the UK. She's a United Colors of Benneton ad, basically!

As for Paz, she's claiming to be off the sauce and is hard at work Boardwalk Empire-ing it up. And it's good to see she's trying out the whole wearing-clothes thing. Not so hard, is it?