The Best And Worst Of Dexter: When Strippers Fall For Cops

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This week's Dexter was a mixed bag of scary-good and funny-bad, as per ushe. But you know what? With the number of times I gasped in this episode, I'd say this season is starting to hit its stride. Without further ado, I give you: the best and worst parts of Dexter season 7, episode 3, a.k.a. “Buck The System.”

Did anyone else want to punch Detective Quinn when he told stripper Nadya, “it's like giving milk to a stray cat” when she showed up asking him for another favor? -1

Nadya is only using him to get info for her scary Russian mafia bosses. +1

“They'll shut down your heroin business.” Who says that with a straight face? Is Nadya being sassy or is she just being used for a bit of clunky exposition? -1

I am getting really concerned the show wants us to think Nadya really likes Quinn even though she is also using him to keep her scary boss from killing her. This sends the wrong message to strip club patrons! -1

Then again, strippers are only human, and most guys who walk into strip clubs do not look like Detective Quinn. Get it, girl. +1

Of course the crazy British crime boss guy loves opera. All psychopaths love opera. +1

“It's not cheating if you pay for it!” Did Louis seriously just say that to Jamie? The sweet and beautiful babysitter of whom I feel rather protective because she is named after me? Dexter really is starting to unravel his carefully studied facade of niceness. +1

That said, I am very glad Jamie is no longer in his clutches. He is possibly a murderer, and also, she was totes out of his league to begin with. +1

“I will take us both down.” Do you really think Deb would do this, though? -1 for the obvious bluff.

I love the part where Dexter meets the creepy English crime boss in the strip club. Does he recognize something of himself in him? Something tells me they'll meet again under rather different circumstances. +1

Just once, I would like Dexter to cast a criminally inclined woman who is not smokin' hot. -1

“Kiss my ass, you ginger freak.” Spoken like a true dork with nothing else to insult someone for. (Also: someone who's pretty okay with Dexter's numerous other freakish qualities.) +1

HOLY SHIT THE RUSSIAN MOB KILLED LOUIS! +1 for tying disparate plots together, and + 1 again because fuck that guy.

More business with Nadya and Quinn. So we are supposed to think she likes him. Like I said, I'm of two minds on this. But +1 because she wants to start a dog walking business (this seems kind of random and not like something we are supposed to expect of TV strippers, who all want to be singers and actresses, and/or scientists), and -1 because her association with Quinn is probably going to get her killed.

As soon as Quinn said “I'm not gonna let anything happen to you,” I made a mental note not to get too attached to Nadya. -1 for overly obvious foreshadowing.

“It is a nice neck.” Quinn's an appealing piece of man meat but let's keep our dignity, here. -1

Satanist minotaur murderer guy is genuinely terrifying. +5

That said, I'm not sure how this bald-headed leather man is able to lure attractive women to his house for late night booty call action. -1

“You look strong. I like it when they're strong.” OH GOD RUN AWAY HOT GIRL! +1

Let this be a lesson to all of you: if a guy says he makes “the best mojitos in the universe,” get to a safe place and call the cops. (No points.)

What if the Satanist guy just KILLED DEB right now? Would anyone be sad? -1 because you know Deb is untouchable.

Of course Deb has a thinking spot by the ocean where she goes to make important decisions. -1

“I hate it but I get it.” It only took her a few episodes to realize Dexter performs a valuable service to society! In the parallel universe of the show, this is the right answer. Good job, you get a coffee. +1

That said, I do think it's an acceptance Deb has not arrived at in a totally organic fashion, as she would have to take herself down along with him, like she said. (No points.)

“Everything's changed, and I don't know if it can ever be the same again.” Oof. It's lines like these that make me wish someone would at least put her in a coma. -1


This came out the same as last week, but I think this episode was slightly better.