Watch: The First Promo For Showtime’s Masters Of Sex Got My Brain As Excited As My Lady Parts

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Showtime has just released the promo video for its upcoming series Masters of Sex, starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, and I feel like my brain has a boner because it's all tingly with excitement. First of all, I'm obsessed with Lizzy Caplan. I think she's hilarious and wonderful, and everything she's ever done has been either completely brilliant or tragically underrated. Or both. But what I haven't seen her do before is a more serious role, and in particular an old-timey role. I'm sure she has it in her, but I couldn't picture it. ‘Til now. And as far as Michael Sheen goes, I've yet to see him in anything I didn't like him in — aside from Twilight, but I hated everyone in that, so what can you do? It's a paycheck.

Masters of Sex is an original series about Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who were two pioneers in the science of human sexuality in the late 1950s. Dr. Masters divorced his wife to marry Virginia Johnson, whom he'd originally taken on as a research assistant, and then the two of them went on to revolutionize the field through their study of sexual response. And then Lizzy and Michael went on to revolutionize the art of me watching TV, which I'm super excited about. This is one of those shows that I'm gonna be on top of when they're on TV instead of falling behind and hearing about how amazing they are later. I already missed Homeland, and I'm a full season behind on Mad Men, so this is my chance to become super cool and popular again, right guys?!?

Regardless, I'm anticipating getting to watch smart people do sexy things, so my mental libido is stoked and ready. Wake me when it's 2013.