Video: Watch Parks and Recreation Re-Cut To Look Like A Murder Mystery

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Have you ever wondered what Parks and Recreation would look like if it were not a funny television show, but a scary murder mystery movie? Look no further than this re-cut, which spares no random show clip in answering the question: who killed Lil' Sebastian?

It starts off similarly enough to the third season finale, but quickly grows sinister as Pawnee residents realize that someone has murdered their beloved mini-horse in cold blood. Gun shots from the hunting episode terrify everyone, and dramatic moments from various other episodes are played for scares instead of laughs as they flow together over an ominous soundtrack. There's Ann saying “that looks like something you'd find on the wall of a serial killer,” Tom saying “you killed him!” (R.I.P. DJ Roomba), April yelling in a court room, Leslie saying “I don't think I murdered anyone” to the bitchy local news lady, Leslie and Ann cowering before that possum, and of course, Andy pretending to be Bert Macklin, F.B.I. Andy's country-influenced funeral song for Lil' Sebastian sounds especially sinister in this context.

It just goes to show you that music and editing can completely transform a comedy into something else, and I'm impressed this Youtube user was able to do it so seamlessly. To see a horror movie turned into a romantic comedy, check out this ridiculous re-cut of The Shining.

PS: Big ups to Entertainment 720.

(Via Buzzfeed)