The Five Best Lines From Last Night’s Parks And Recreation, In Pictures

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Last night's episode of Parks and Recreation was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Leslie and Ben love each other! Ben's family is crazy! Chris is sad! Tom is swaggy! All this, plus a cameo from Jonathan “Mike Ehrmantraut” Banks made for a most entertaining episode.


Leslie's dorky love of metaphorical crafts projects is so cute I kind of want to marry her too, now.


Could a Chris/Donna pairing be in the cards? It's about time we saw her in action.


It's all over, Ron. The government is coming to take your bars of gold and there's nothing you can do about it.


April and Andy are alternating saying happy and sad things to Chris, until they hit upon something that could be good or bad, depending if you have terrible taste. They don't show it, but I'm guessing this blew Chris's mind.


There are no words here, only a glance exchanged, but it was such a great moment I had to include it. You don't want to know what this guy has done for fee shrimp, Ron Swanson.

Honorable mention goes to Tom Haverford and Jean Ralphio, who were pretty funny in this episode even without one-liners.

JR's speech about clubbing doesn't fit on a picture. Just go watch it again. It's so good.