The Five Best Lines From Last Night’s Parks And Recreation, In Pictures

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Last night's Parks and Recreation contained many funny moments. There was Tom‘s new business plan (stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks), Oren‘s “human zoo,” and of course, Leslie and April‘s conflict over the dog park. But the five best lines were these. Onward!


Pretty much every episode opens with Ben or Leslie making a really cheesy joke to the camera that he/she thinks is hilarious, and this one was no exception.


Andy's charming dimness will never get old. Don't worry buddy, you've totally got what it takes to be a cop.


The bit with the human zoo was great all the way through, and I love the show's running thread of “Leslie hates April's creepy friend Oren.” Honorable mention goes to “you hate this show” “I love this show” “what's your favorite part?” “the heavyhandedness,” which was harder to fit on a picture.


Leslie made it way too easy for April when she said “it's time to play dirty with Jam.”


This really, really needs to be an animated GIF. Can someone please make it into a GIF?

And the bits with Leslie Knope and Joe Biden were too wordy for my purposes, but they were some of the funniest parts of all. Where can her life possibly go from here?