Video: Parks And Recreation’s Retta Tells Conan A Hilarious Story About Defying People’s Racist Streotypes

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You probably know her as Parks and Recreation‘s resident connoisseur of the finer things in life, but before she was Donna Meagle, Retta (one name only, like Madonna) was a working LA comedienne who spent many years honing her craft at various clubs around the country. This is especially apparent when she goes on talk shows and delivers a funny anecdote with perfect timing.

Which brings me to the video above. Last night on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Retta talked about her pre-written Oscar speech (which is great!) and of course, the show that made her famous. But it was her story about pwning a racist motorist that really brought the house down.

Retta obviously tells it better than I do, but basically, a lady who could only hear the bass line of what was playing in her car scowled at her, clearly thinking racist thoughts about hiphop, only to have Retta roll down the window and reveal that it was Puccini, bitch. Don't assume you know how Retta rolls! And did I mention she can sing opera, too? Because she can, and it makes the joke better. BOOM!

The more I see of Retta, the more I wonder why she's not more famous at this point, and whether that has anything to do with Hollywood's ridiculously narrow idea of how a female entertainer should look. That said, here's hoping 2013 is the year of Retta.

(Via Team Coco)