Video: Watch Andy Dwyer Strip Down In A Clip From Tonight’s Parks And Recreation

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Tonight's episode of Parks and Recreation showcases Chris Pratt‘s substantial physical comedy skills when Chris Traeger offers to help Andy Dwyer with a little physical conditioning.

In this just-released preview clip, Andy hits the track to train for the police academy while Chris offers encouragement and Tom Haverford drives alongside of them in some kind of miniature car. After completing his 29-minute two-mile run, Andy takes his clothes off and falls down on the ground, lamenting that “everything hurts” and “I'm never going to be a cop. I'm gonna have to be a robber.”

Did this scene suck as much to film as it did on the show? In a word, yes. Chris Pratt offered Vulture some color during their recent on-set visit:

“It was terrible,” Pratt says of shooting the episode two scene in which Andy will try to train for a two-mile run. Compounding the problem was Pratt’s new diet; the actor’s trying to gain a lot of weight for a movie he’ll be shooting later this year. “It was like Mars hot. At one point I take off my clothes and lay down on the track and I am breathing really heavy and I just breathed in all this track dust and rubbed it in my eyes,” he says. “It was just not a good day.”

Pretty method, if you ask me.

(Via Vulture)