The Five Best Lines From Last Night’s Parks And Recreation, Meme-i-fied

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Last night's Parks and Recreation brought the laugh lines once again. And this time, Amy Poehler gave not just one, but two top fivers to herself. Here are my five favorites, meme-i-fied for your recapping pleasure. (I realize each photo does not constitute a meme in and of itself, but I used Quickmeme to put words over pictures, so close enough.)


I'm a sucker for Leslie's cheesy jokes.


Good old libertarian Ron.


Only Leslie Knope could look this self-satisfied about something and still come off adorable. Maybe because that something is obviously a very bad idea.


Tom finally took a stand on something!


The bits where Andy was playing with the little girls were some of my favorite parts of the episode. “You can't walk there, it's hot lava!”

And here is a bonus shot of Leslie's disastrous half-perm: